About the Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute

The Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute advances innovative and research-based approaches to unlocking employee potential by integrating well-being into a company’s workforce strategy. The goal: deploy the healthiest, most productive, engaged and competitive workforce possible to boost business performance and empower great people and communities. To drive this mission, the Institute convenes large employers and thought leaders around the following work streams.

  • Holistic Well-being: High-impact strategies that improve employee physical and emotional health, financial security, social connectedness and job satisfaction.
  • Employee Experience: Best practices for creating a positive workplace experience through culture and the built environment.
  • Leave, Flexibilities and Work-life Solutions: Strategic policies and programs that help employees be their best at work, home and in the community.
  • The Future Workforce: Human-tech integration, diversity & inclusion and upcoming human capital trends intersect with health and well-being initiatives.
  • Business Performance: Connection of employee well-being to business metrics, such as talent attraction, engagement and retention; customer satisfaction and loyalty; profitability; safety performance; and industry-specific measures.
  • A Culture of Well-being: Infusing well-being throughout an organization and compelling leaders at all levels, from front-line employees to C-suite executives, to embrace whole-person well-being in everything they do.

The Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute supports the Best Employers: Excellence in Health & Well-being program and leads the annual Workforce Strategy conference on behalf of NBGH.