1. I am ready to apply, but can't log in. How can I receive a username and password?
    Submit a request for a username and password by clicking on one of the following links:

    See the member list page to check if you're a National Business Group on Health member.

  2. Can I still apply if my company is not a National Business Group on Health® member?
    Yes, non-members that meet one of the following criteria may apply:
    1. Is a Fortune 500 company or
    2. Is listed in the top 100 of Forbes America's Largest Private Companies or;
    3. Has at least 5,000 employees
  3. Is there an application fee for non-members?
    Yes, there is an application fee for non-members. The fee covers the administration and management of the Best Employers: Excellence in Health & Well-being and Global Distinction programs.
  4. Can I still apply if my company is a member of another "Business Group on Health"?
    Yes, you may apply but there is a $500 access fee and a $1,500 application fee to submit your application.
  5. When is the application deadline?
    All applications are due by 5 pm EST on May 10, 2019.
  6. How does the Business Group define well-being?
    Well-being is happiness, quality of life, thriving and flourishing. Well-being can be described as the way an individual feels, functions, and how his or her judges their life. Read Seeing the Bigger Picture: Beyond Wellness to Well-being. This document defines well-being and presents employers with the business case for developing a broader well-being strategy.
  7. Am I required to submit documentation of outcomes?
    Yes, applicants must submit outcomes data specific to employee productivity & performance and/or business performance metrics. Applicants must submit at least ONE document (up to three documents are allowed). Acceptable formats include PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, not to exceed five pages per document.
  8. Will the data I share be kept confidential and be used expressly for this application?
    Yes, all judges are required to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of the judging process. The National Business Group on Health® staff will obtain permission to use any data submitted for any future projects and will de-identify when necessary.
  9. Can I apply for Best Employers: Excellence in Health & Well-being and Global Distinction?
    Yes, but you must complete a separate application for each recognition. In the application tool, you will be able to select and apply for each recognition.
  10. How can I obtain a copy of a previous year's application that my company submitted?
    Email bestemployers@businessgrouphealth.org to obtain a previous year's application.
  11. When will I be notified if my application wins an award?
    The primary and secondary contacts listed in the application will be notified on or about July 19, 2019.
  12. When is the awards ceremony?
    September 17, 2019, at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa, San Diego, CA
  13. What is the length of recognition?
    One year. Applicants must re-apply every year for recognition.

Email bestemployers@businessgrouphealth.org for all other questions.