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Global On-Site Clinics

On-Site Medical Clinics Toolkit

Global employers are increasingly interested in on-site medical and occupational health clinics outside the country in which they are headquartered. In many countries, on-site clinics are required by law, and employers are taking advantage of those existing facilities to provide expanded services. Even where clinics are not regulated, some global employers are opening them in select locations to solve problems of access, convenience and quality. Well-run on-site clinics, while sizeable investments, may allow employers to provide a single entry point for high-quality, efficient employee health and wellness programs while also collecting crucial data about overall employee population health.

While the number of clinics around the world may be increasing for a variety of reasons, challenges still remain, often related to utilization, standardization, available health care resources (e.g., supplies, personnel), diverse employee needs, confidentiality, unfamiliar local regulations, quality assurance and high costs. It is important that employers carefully weigh the pros and cons of offering clinics in select global locations and be aware of cultural nuances and other factors that may affect the success of their global clinics.

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