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Study: State employee wellness plan increased use of preventive care
By Arielle Levin Becker
From The Connecticut Mirror on Tuesday, April 5, 2016
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That strategy is already becoming more popular in the private sector. Steve Wojcik, vice president of public policy at the National Business Group on Health, said some employers have begun to contract selectively with better-performing providers for high-cost procedures like cardiac or orthopedic surgery. In some cases, a health plan would cover a smaller network of providers, while other plans cover a wide network but require members to pay less to see providers deemed to have higher quality and efficiency.

A 2015 survey the organization conducted with the firm Towers Watson found 11 percent of employers already had such a network, and 50 percent were considering implementing one in the next three years, and Wojcik said doing so is becoming more feasible as data on price and cost differences become available.

“I think there’s a growing acceptance from the employees or plan participants to say hey, just because I’m paying more doesn’t mean it’s better quality,” Wojcik said.