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GOP's ACA replacement plan would tax employee healthcare benefits
By Tom Starner
From HR Dive on Thursday, June 23, 2016
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Regarding the plan's impact on employer-paid healthcare benefits, the National Business Group on Health (NBGH), a non-profit association of 425 large U.S. employers, is glad the report recognizes the important role employers play in providing affordable, high-quality coverage to working Americans and their families, and in driving innovation in the delivery of health care, according to Brian Marcotte, NBGH's president and CEO.

Marcotte adds, however, that the NBGH is concerned that changes to the tax treatment of employer-sponsored health benefits (one of the things mentioned in the report) would make it more costly for employers to offer and employees to afford coverage. Rather than taxing benefits, Marcotte says the NBGH encourages Congress to focus more on removing payment incentives for healthcare providers and suppliers that drive unnecessary health care spending.

"This includes moving faster toward paying for value in Medicare rather than volume, and ridding Medicare of financial incentives that encourage providers to use more expensive care in more expensive settings when lower cost alternatives of equal or better quality exist," he says.