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90% of big companies plan to offer digital doctor visits as a benefit
By Mark Brohan
From Internet Health Management on Tuesday, August 9, 2016
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Big employers are quickly embracing paying for digital doctor visits for routine care as a less expensive alternative to conventional office visits and the emergency room, says a new survey from the National Business Group on Health.

Employers also are giving employees more access to self-service web tools to research and pay for healthcare and monitor their fitness and overall health, according to the survey of 133 large employers. The National Business Group on Health is a Washington, D.C., trade group focused on employer health issues.

“Employers’ focus in 2017 is shifting away from plan design to optimizing how healthcare is accessed and delivered,” says National Business Group on Health CEO Brian Marcotte. “This translates into expanded telehealth and selective network choices that focus on higher quality of care.”