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Sick-Leave Laws Cause HR Headaches
By Jack Robinson
From Human Resource Executive Online on Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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In short, it's a mess, says Debbie Harrison, assistant director of the National Business Group on Health, a coalition of large employers. Many of her members have long provided paid sick leave -- but they worry about the cost of administering a benefit that must be tailored to so many different locations.

"It definitely does raise a lot of concerns," Harrison says. The trend dramatically accelerated over the last two years, raising the risk that companies could miss a provision in one jurisdiction and be fined, she says. Employers "want to do right by their employees -- but it's difficult."

Companies can pick a hybrid model if most workers are in a single location, Harrison says. These employers could set a policy based on laws that apply to the headquarters and make ad-hoc adjustments for other locations.

Many business groups oppose the law. But some also recognize that a national standard is necessary to tame the chaos of local and state mandates, says Harrison.

"Certainly from the employer perspective, at some point it gets so complicated to administer, you would be much happier if there was a flat national standard" that would override state and local rules, she says.