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Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Why Employers Care

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) deliver a variety of health and productivity services to improve organizational performance and to assist individual employees and their families. EAPs provide confidential and timely problem identification and assessment services for employees with personal concerns that may affect job performance, present behavioral risks, and promote a healthy and safe workplace. They can also facilitate the referral of employees for diagnosis, treatment, and assistance.

What Can Employers Do?

Employers can coordinate EAPs with other health services including health plan, disability management, and health promotion to increase employee and beneficiary health and productivity. Additionally, employers can use EAPs to conduct periodic organizational assessments to evaluate the effects of work organization on employee health status, productivity and job satisfaction.

For more information about the strategic value of employee assistance programs, read the National Business Group on Health's Increasing Employee Assistance Program Effectiveness and Utilization: New Approaches and Emerging Trends. For more details on the impact of stress on employees, read the National Business Group on Health's toolkit, Managing Stress: Employer Strategies & Interventions.

Page last updated: July 28, 2015

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