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Using Population Data to Develop Localized Strategies at Michelin Webinar
Learn how Michelin used their data to lower high cost claims, improve member outcomes and implement specific programs for ROI.
Oct 24, 2019
Insights: Dimensions of Well-being
This infographic illustrates the findings of the 2019 National Business Group on Health/Optum survey of consumers, which explored the five key dimensions of well-being: physical, financial, mental, social and community.
Jun 28, 2019
2019 Health and Financial Wellbeing Mindset Study Highlights: The State of Employee Wellbeing
This infographic depicts the main findings of the Alight/Business Group Health and Financial Wellbeing survey, a study that uncovers employees' experience and attitudes around workplace wellbeing.
May 20, 2019
2019 Health and Financial Wellbeing Mindset Study: The State of Employee Wellbeing
This report details the findings of the Alight/Business Group Health and Financial Wellbeing survey, a study that uncovers employees' experience and attitudes around workplace wellbeing.
May 20, 2019
The Workplace Well-being Revolution: Building a Culture of Well-being in Today's Modern Workplace
Employees are no longer asking for wellness-centered workplace cultures: they're demanding it. In response, smart employers are shifting their offerings to encompass a more human, holistic approach to well-being. These programs are at the center of effective workforce culture, supporting employee expectations by replacing traditional "monitoring and tracking" health and wellness programs with complete well-being solutions that make it easy and fun for employees to achieve their personal goals. Speakers will share a framework for attracting and retaining top talent in today's digitally savvy workforce, developed after interviewing top culture-drivers at Google, Pinterest, ServiceNow and more.
Mar 27, 2019
Creating an Award Winning Global Well-being Strategy: Health, Balance and Finances at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
This webinar presentation provides insights and helpful tips for completing the Best Employers and Global Distinction award applications as well as JPMorgan Chase's empowering well-being strategy and their tips and approaches to applying for and winning the Best Employers award.
Feb 12, 2019
NBGH Mind-Stretch Webinar: Live Gamefully
In this webinar, Jane McGonigal, PhD, explains how to harness the power of play and achieve epic wins, both inside and outside of the workplace.
Jul 25, 2018
Increasing Employee Assistance Program Effectiveness and Utilization: New Approaches and Emerging Trends
This Top Solutions gives a broad overview of the current state of EAPs, as well as new approaches and emerging trends for creating a highly effective program. Tactics are based on new research as well as cutting-edge strategies being implemented by employer thought leaders and their vendor partners.
Apr 17, 2018
Better Work-Life Balance through Behavioral Science Webinar
This webinar will explore the puzzle of work-life conflict and solutions related to organizational culture, workplace norms, leave programs and behavioral approaches to bolster work-life integration and employee well-being.
Apr 10, 2018
Building Resilience at Work Webinar
This webinar features a deep-dive into two recently published Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine articles on workforce resilience and JPMorgan Chase's successful resilience training program.
Apr 4, 2018
Getting a Handle on Stress and Building Employee Resilience
Employers have long been aware of the disabling aspects of workplace stress and have made its management a priority, offering programs and resources to help stressed-out employees. For employers interested in refreshing their programs – and taking a more proactive approach to tackling stress – this slide deck offers recommendations on creating a comprehensive, proactive strategy based on the most current evidence.
Jun 28, 2017
Building an Engaged Well-being Culture: Strategies and Insights from CNO Financial Group BEHL Webinar
Hear how CNO Financial Group, a Well-being Top Honors winner, has established an engaged well-being culture and how the company uses comprehensive data analysis to identify areas of focus to achieve the most meaningful and impactful results. This webinar also provides insights and tips for completing the 2017 application.
Feb 8, 2017
2017 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Application
Jan 26, 2017
The Hype about Happiness: Why Positive Emotions are Good for Your Employees and the Bottom Line
This document outlines why experiencing positive emotions is good for employees and their overall well-being, as well as the bottom line of the company.
Dec 8, 2016
How to Inspire Wholeness as a Path to Well-being
This webinar outlines the Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church's approach to promoting physical, spiritual, financial and vocational well-being among plan members.
Dec 6, 2016
Mental Health and Emotional Well-being: A Call to Action for Employers
Employers face several unique and complex challenges in their quest to support the mental health and emotional well-being of their workforce; solutions aren't always clear. This publication outlines the major challenges to addressing this issue employers have articulated through Business Group benchmarking, several solutions that have seen success for many employers, and a call to action for making mental health and emotional well-being a priority in 2017 and into the future.
Nov 15, 2016
Tackling the "new big three" obesity, stress and sleep
Recording of the presentation by Janis Davis-Street outlined Chevron's well-being strategy that targets obesity, stress and sleep to "keep the healthy healthy and decrease disease."
Nov 2, 2016
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Webinar 2016: Seeing the Bigger Picture: Beyond Wellness to Well-being
Webinar on the updated criteria for the 2016 application, including how the five drivers of employee well-being are integrated throughout the application along with examples of how to incorporate the drivers in your well-being strategy.
Jan 25, 2016
Financial Concerns by Generation
This Numbers You Need chart looks at employees' top financial concerns by generation, including health care costs, savings for the future and fixed expenses.
Dec 4, 2015
Using Resilience Training to Drive Positive Business Outcomes: Comcast's Story
This webinar provides the research on how improved employee resilience can contribute to improved health, productivity and human capital, as well as shares results from Comcast Corporation's implementation of a resilience program.
Oct 16, 2015
Releasing Energy to Enhance Engagement and Drive Performance
Julia Brandon, Ph.D., and Ron Joines, M.D., presented on GlaxoSmithKline's approach to employee resiliency and engagement enhancement.
Sep 9, 2015
Building Resilience: What, Why and How
This introductory webinar provides context for large employers' focus on resilience and discusses current programs and trends. This is the first in a webinar series on resilience; subsequent webinars will feature employers sharing their solutions. Speakers: Jan Bruce,CEO/Co-Founder, meQuilibrium; Wendy Lynch, Ph.D., Founder, Lynch Consulting, Research Fellow, Altarum Institute; LuAnn Heinen, Vice President, Workforce Well-being, Productivity and Human Capital, National Business Group on Health.
Jun 25, 2015
Financial Well-being Programs
The purpose of this survey is to determine how employers provide access to financial well-being programs to their employees. The survey specifically looks at how financial well-being programs are managed, what services are offered, incentives for encouraging use and guidelines around employee access to these services. Forty-one members of the Business Group responded to this survey.
May 8, 2015
Prevalence of Stress and Depression in Select Countries
This Numbers You Need chart includes data on the prevalence of stress and depression in various countries around the globe.
Apr 17, 2015
What Your CEO is Reading - Mental Health
This newsletter highlights workplace issues surrounding mental health and how much an employer should know about its employees' mental health. Particularly, how should employers balance individuals' rights to privacy and organizational safety -- especially when privacy concerns may be the very factor that keeps an employee from accessing the care needed to keep them healthy and productive at work.
Apr 6, 2015
Seven Ways to Engage Managers in Employee Health and Well-being
This publication reviews each of 7 methods employers are using to maximize middle managers’ support of for health and well-being programs.
Nov 13, 2014
Happiness at Work
Alexander Kjerulf, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer, Woohoo inc, explains how to create happier workplaces and why happy companies make more money.
Jul 23, 2014

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