Welcome to WISCORE®, the Wellness Impact Scorecard ("Scorecard"). This tool can help you objectively and quantitatively assess the value of your company's wellness programs and initiatives. The Scorecard advances wellness program evaluation by counting health risks to measuring healthy behaviors.

Use the Scorecard if you want to …

  • Quickly identify impact and outcomes of your wellness program
  • Set realistic expectations for your wellness program
  • Have a comprehensive and brief report for your senior leadership/C-suite
  • Get actionable feedback and a plan for any level of funding
  • Benchmark your program and experiences with similar companies
  • Be a member of the National Business Group on Health well-being user groups

The Scorecard will ask you a series of questions and input metrics about the wellness initiatives that your company currently offers. Based on the information submitted, you will receive customized reports that highlight the strengths of your programs as well as actionable feedback on where areas of your programs could be improved.


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The Business Group only uses Scorecard information in aggregate, and will not identify any individual organization. However, we will review submissions for accuracy and may follow up with you to clarify questions about data entry to ensure valid analysis and reporting.