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Helen Darling Award: Excellence in Health Care Value and Innovation

The Helen Darling Award: Excellence in Health Care Value and Innovation recognizes outstanding employers that encourage the implementation of innovations that promote the efficient and cost-effective use of health care resources while demonstrating a track record of enhancing the employee health care experience and creating sustainable and high value programs.

Award Criteria:

  • Must be innovative
  • Have proven results in increasing health care value by improving quality and health outcomes
  • In pursuit of alternative delivery payment models
  • Breaking traditional paradigms and disrupting the market in a positive way

Submission Process:

  • Eligible companies/programs are selected by an internal award nomination committee.


2019 Winner

Walmart, Inc. for its custom Centers of Excellence, direct contracting Accountable Care Organization relationships and management of prescription drug utilization.

Prior Winners


Costco Wholesale Corporation for its network strategy and leadership in addressing the behavioral health of their employees.


The Boeing Company for its demonstrated track record of controlling costs while ensuring employees and their families receive high quality care.


Intel Corporation for its outstanding track record and commitment to increasing value in health care purchasing, and for its leadership role in helping to change the face of employer-sponsored health care benefits.

Please contact us for more information, or for information on winners prior to 2014.

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