Approximately 8% of Americans (26 million) have diabetes. Another 35% (79 million) have prediabetes. If the current trend continues, it is estimated that 50% of all Americans will have diabetes or prediabetes by 2021, increasing health care costs and other negative effects including absenteeism, presenteeism, diabetes-related disability and job loss.

Employers should take steps to understand the burden of diabetes among employees, including the prevalence of prediabetes, and implement strategies that can help people manage their condition and prevent further incidence.


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Evidence-Based Approaches to Diabetes PreventionEvidence-Based Approaches to Diabetes Prevention
Learn how employers can partner with on-site fitness center providers, health plans, community providers and others to screen for prediabetes and deliver programs to help keep individuals from progressing to diabetes. 

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Accessing Innovative Diabetes Prevention & Control Strategies: A Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance Case Study Accessing Innovative Diabetes Prevention & Control Strategies: A Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance Case Study
Describes the innovative DPCA partnership formed to prevent and control diabetes and reduce the financial burden placed on employers and other payers.


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