Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits and perks are gaining popularity among large employers. As health care costs rise and budgets tighten, non-traditional benefits beyond health insurance provide an opportunity for employers to enhance their benefits package with minimal costs. The most popular voluntary benefits include: dental insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and vision insurance.

On top of voluntary benefits, many employers offer a set of perks to boost employee happiness and well-being. These perks vary greatly by industry and geographic area, but can include free meals, tuition assistance, child care, gym membership, company-sponsored sports teams, profit-sharing and discount programs.

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The Parent PackageThe Parent Package
This toolkit encourages employers to bundle and communicate a comprehensive suite of benefits for employees along their parenthood journey. It provides business case and benchmarking data to help employers make data-driven decisions.

Part-time Employee Benefits Part-time Employee Benefits
This infographic discusses types of insurance benefits, premium costs and types of cost sharing, paid leave offerings, and other benefits that are available to help attract and retain part-time employees.

Pet Care Benefits Pet Care Benefits
This survey looks specifically at pet insurance details, other pet friendly benefits and employer plans to add more pet care benefits in the future.



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