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Job satisfaction is integral to one’s overall well-being, so much so that Gallup’s research suggests that so called “career well-being” may be the most important factor in one’s overall well-being. People with high career well-being are more than twice as likely to have high overall well-being. Research also shows that people who are satisfied with their jobs experience a reduction in health risks, such as anxiety, depression and cholesterol levels.

Employers have an important stake in prioritizing employees’ satisfaction with their jobs, as the happiness of employees can translate into a number of important outcomes, including but not limited to organizational citizenship, lower turnover and absenteeism, fewer accidents and higher customer satisfaction.

There are a number of factors contribute to job satisfaction, like the ability for employees to use their strengths, getting an appropriate amount of feedback from one’s manager and a good work-life balance. For a list of these factors see: Seeing the Bigger Picture: Beyond Wellness to Well-being. Employers can use the research on these factors to implement programs, policies and trainings that improve individuals’ working lives and thereby improve their well-being.

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