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Staying active is the single most important step that employees can take to maintain and improve their health. With employees at work an average of 50% of their waking hours, they rarely have time or energy for recreational activity. Even more concerning, new research suggests it is equally important to reduce sitting time as it is to engage in prolonged bouts of physical activity. Creating a work environment that supports physical activity from both perspectives can improve health, job performance and work relationships.

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Physical Activity Physical Activity: Re-evaluating the Business Case and Employer Strategies
Highlights the business case for physical activity, as well as the latest data on and examples of employer-based physical activity strategies.

On-site Fitness Centers On-site Fitness Centers
Looks at whether employers offer on-site fitness centers, the cost to employees to use these centers and the types of services offered.

Gym Membership Reimbursements and Discounted Gym Memberships Gym Membership Reimbursements and Discounted Gym Memberships
Determines how large employers manage their physical activity reimbursement programs and discounted gym memberships.



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Physical Health Resources
Access all Business Group resources on Physical Health, including topics such as healthy dining, weight management and tobacco cessation.


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